IACUC - COVID-19 Update

As Appalachian State University adjusts its operations in order to respond to the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the IACUC Office has developed the following requirements for researchers to follow during this novel situation. Please contact the Office of Research Protections with any questions at IACUC@appstate.edu or 828-262-2901

*New IACUC protocols, as well as renewals and modifications, are still being reviewed. Please adhere to the current deadlines in place for renewals and submission of new protocols*

Resuming IACUC Research

PI’s are no longer required to submit a "registration to resume research" application.  Please continue to complete the ASULearn read through, if you haven't already done so, for access and rules for using the Vivarium (required of all PIs, CO-PIs, and research assistants on the protocol). Online scheduling to use the Vivarium and the health checklist to enter the Vivarium will continue.

  • Only if you require access to the Vivarium, on the AsuLearn IACUC community page (https://asulearn-projects.appstate.edu/), on the left hand column where it lists page topics, look for “COVID-19 and Re-entry into the Vivarium Reading Quiz”.  Read through the process and click “submit” to acknowledge that you have read and understand the new guidance and entry requirements for the Vivarium. PI’s, Co-PI’s, and all students on the protocol need to complete this read through if access to the Vivarium is needed.
  • Once your protocol is approved by the IACUC, proceed to follow the steps in the guidance document from AsULearn for the Vivarium

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the IACUC Administrator at IACUC@appstate.edu