Change in CITI requirement for Human Subject Research

Friday, September 4, 2015 - 12:32pm

Please note the following change in training requirements for researchers using human subjects:

In order to align more closely with generally-accepted standards, as well as promote ongoing awareness of the ethics involved in conducting human subjects research, Appalachian's IRB voted to require a refresher module every 3 years.  When our CITI account refreshes to this requirement, anyone who completed human subjects research training on CITI over 3 years ago will be notified that his or her training certification has expired.

Your expired training certification will be accepted by Appalachian's IRB until January 12, 2016 (the start of Spring semester).  At that point, a current completion date will be required in order to process an IRB application.  If your training certification expires during the 2015 Fall semester, you will be notified by the CITI system; however, as noted above, you will have until January 12 to renew the training.

Information about CITI training can be found on the Research Protections web site,

Please contact if you have any questions about this requirement. 


Director of Research Protections
Robin Tyndall

Assistant Director of Research Protections
Monica Molina

Assistant Director of IACUC and IBC Programs
Shante' Mathes

Compliance Coordinator
Dennis Gabriels

QEP Global Learning