New procedure for closing IRBs

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - 2:24pm

If you are conducing IRB approved research and your study is complete, there is a new procedure for notifying the IRB (to stop all those pesky reminder letters):  Researchers closing studies that were reviewed via expedited review or full board review will need to complete a 1 page Study Closure form, which can be found on our Forms page.  The closure form provides upates to the IRB regarding your recruitment, procedures, notification of any unanticipated events that happened during the research, and provides a way to formally discontinue the IRB review of your research.  NOTE:  If you are conducting exempted research, this notification is optional but appreciated.


Director of Research Protections
Robin Tyndall

Assistant Director of Research Protections
Monica Molina

Assistant Director of IACUC and IBC Programs
Shante' Mathes

Compliance Coordinator
Dennis Gabriels

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