Welcome to the IRB Information System, or IRBIS!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 6:01pm

Dear Research Community,

The IRB Office is pleased to announce that beginning January 28, all new requests for review can be processed in the IRB Information System, or IRBIS.

Please click here to link/bookmark the login to IRBIS.

Use your Appalachian credentials to sign in.  You will have a home page that enables you to view all studies with which you are affiliated, draft and submit new requests for review, and view the status of your IRB during the review process and post-approval. 

In addition, feedback from the reviewer will be sent to you via a format by which comments are inserted directly into sections of the application.  All of your approved documents will be housed with each study. 

We hope you will find this an enhancement to the IRB process.  More information can be found on our IRB page.  If you have any questions or need assistance with IRBIS, please email us at irb@appstate.edu.

Thank you,

IRB Administration


Director of Research Protections
Robin Tyndall

Assistant Director of Research Protections
Monica Molina

Assistant Director of IACUC and IBC Programs
Shante' Mathes

Compliance Coordinator
Dennis Gabriels

QEP Global Learning