Consent Form Changes and other Forms Available

As we continue to update our procedures and guidelines in accordance with changes to the regulations, we have significantly revised our Forms Page for IRB.  For exempt research, you will note that a consent form is no longer required in many situations.  We have instead provided some statements for the most benign types of exempt research. 

In addition there is a new form for non exempt research, called the Concise Summary.  This is now required as an addition to consent forms that are long, complex or difficult for an average reader to fully understand.  The IRB will ask for a Concise Summary when they feel it is needed but you are free to use it voluntarily.  We will provide additional education on what the Concise Summary is for in the coming weeks.

We have added some more forms we hope you will find helpful:  a Parental Consent template, a PHI Release form, and an Individual Investigator Agreement if you are collaborating with someone who does not have a "home IRB." 

We will continue to revise and update our other templates as needed.

Please visit the Forms Page and let us know what you think!

Published: Feb 24, 2019 3:48pm