Cayuse FAQ

Cayuse FAQ

The Cayuse Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) module, known as Cayuse Animal Oversight, and the Cayuse Institutional Biosafety Council (IBC), known as Cayuse Hazard Safety, are easy-to-use web-based systems for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing studies for non-human vertebrates and rDNA research. All information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed securely from any location. Users receive electronic notifications whenever an action is required on their part, allowing the study to proceed smoothly through each step of the process from study creation to final approval.

Yes, the new system has several advantages. Most importantly, information from multiple modules will be integrated and accessible from a single location. The use of smart forms in all modules provides more streamlined, efficient processing vs multiple word documents that are emailed.

Any faculty or staff member with an App State ID.  If you find that you are not able to access Cayuse Animal Oversight, please contact the IACUC office at

If you find that you are not able to access Cayuse Hazard Safety, please contact the IBC office at

We will be able to access the system using our App State login (single sign-on). Log in to Cayuse at this link.

Only the PI or Co-PI is permitted and responsible for submitting protocols. If you need to add an assistant to your system that will help with protocol drafts, please contact the IACUC administrator at IACUC@appstate.eduor the IBC Administrator at IBC@appstate.edufor assistance.

As a reminder, the policy at Appalachian State is that only a faculty or staff member can be the PI. Students/research assistants can be listed as the Co-PI.

Cayuse will send notifications regarding submissions, including initial submission, status, approval, and renewal notices, via email from  It is important to pay attention to these emails to ensure processing and approval of your study. If you are not receiving emails from the email mentioned above, please check your spam folder and move the email to your inbox so that the system will no longer mark it as spam.  If emails continue to go to your spam folder, please contact the IACUC office at IACUC@appstate.eduor the IBC office at

The system will not allow multiple submissions on a single study at the same time

Shell data such as study title, PI, and approval dates will be transferred into Cayuse for all open and active studies dating back through 2019.   More detailed study information cannot be automatically transferred and will need to be manually transferred by the PI.  

Your study data from IACUC and IBC will largely be available via attachments in Cayuse featuring the most recently approved protocol and amendments. These item responses can be transferred from the attached pdf that you see for your latest approved protocol to Cayuse. Additional assistance regarding data transfer will be available if needed and can be found on the Office of Research Protections website under “Cayuse Resources”; feel free to contact IACUC@appstate or if you need additional assistance.

There will be a blackout period for 2 weeks - from May 23rd - to June 3rd while we get the new site up and running. Up until that date, new submissions and renewals will be accepted for IACUC and IBC review via email.  Any new submissions from that date and in the future will move forward in Cayuse.

Navigate to the Office of Research Protections website.  Click on your program (IACUC or IBC) tab in the heading.  Look in the left column and select “Cayuse Resources”.