Export Controls Forms


Form Purpose Version Date
Export Control Briefing (pdf 125.3 KB)

Traveling Abroad

Form Purpose Version Date
Laptop Briefing (pdf 267.74 KB)

If you are taking a laptop out of the U.S., read our Laptop Briefing.

One Time Temporary License Exception Certification (pdf 110.71 KB)

If you are taking any university owned items or software, please determine if the One Time Temporary License Exception Certification for Appalachian owned items such as laptops and GPS equipment applies. If so complete and submit to compliance@appstate.edu.

NOTE:  If you are taking only a laptop, notify Research Protections before you complete the form. 

Exporting Goods or Technology

Form Purpose Version Date
Request for Assistance Exporting Goods (doc 28 KB)
Request for Assistance Exporting Technology (doc 28 KB)

Foreign Visitors, Vendors and Collaborators

Form Purpose Version Date
Restricted Party Screening (doc 32 KB)

Appalachian strives to be globally engaged; we understand that foreign students, collaborators and staff are wonderful assets to Appalachian. A restricted party screening is a one-minute procedure where we ensure that a person is not listed on a government "restricted party" list. Please submit names of any foreign visitors, vendors or collaborators who may receive technical information by submitting a Restricted Party Screening.


Form Purpose Version Date
Technology/Data Control Plan Template (doc 43 KB)

Complete a Technology/Data Control Plan Template if your project is export controlled.


Director of Research Protections
Robin Tyndall

Assistant Director of Research Protections
Monica Molina

Assistant Director of IACUC and IBC Programs
Shante' Mathes

Compliance Coordinator
Dennis Gabriels

QEP Global Learning