Cayuse Animal Oversight and Cayuse Hazard transition is complete

Hello Researchers,

The transition of IACUC and IBC paper protocol forms to Cayuse Animal Oversight and Cayuse Hazard is complete.  If you have a protocol that is due for continuing review or that is expiring and requiring a new protocol, a system notice from Cayuse has been emailed to you. 

“Shell data” such as study title, PI, and approval dates were transferred into Cayuse for all open and active studies.   More detailed study information cannot be automatically transferred and will need to be manually transferred by the PI. Your study data from IACUC and IBC is available via attachments in Cayuse featuring the most recently approved protocol and amendments. All item responses should be transferred from the attached pdf that you see for your latest approved protocol into the Cayuse web form.  Each program has its own process for completing the transfer of information in the Cayuse system. Please refer to the “Cayuse Resources” tab for your respective program on the Office of Research Protections website and use the guide titled “How to transfer protocols in Cayuse” in order to complete the protocol transfer process.

Please take time to explore the new tabs for your program.

The IACUC and IBC office will continue to develop the Office of Research Protections website and provide accessible guides and training.  Thank you for your patience in this process.  If you need assistance, please contact or

Published: Jun 8, 2022 12:13pm