IRB Resources

Common Questions

  • Are you conducting Human Subject Research? If you are unsure whether your research is actually classified as HSR, you can consult our SOP (PDF).
  • Data Management: Does your funding source require a Data Management Plan? The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has prepared a guide.
  • Educational Research Resources: Watauga County School District has a policy on the use of students as research subjects by an external agency, such as faculty, students, and staff of ASU. Before any research can be done with students from this district, please review this policy.
  • The following link is from the Office of Human Research Protections and offers guidance on a variety of research topics: Helpful IRB Resources
  • Are you trying to connect to campus resources while off-campus? This ASU website provides ways to connect to campus while away from campus.
  • Are you travelling with PHI data? Please see this FAQ for more guidance.
  • If you have further questions, use this IRB FAQ as a reference.
  • Human Subject Payments:

Listed below is a summary of different options for payments to human subjects recruited for research studies. For more detailed information, please consult the webpage “Paying Human Subjects”.


  • If the payment per person is less than $100, it is recommended that payments be made in cash, gift card, or gift code.
  • If the payment is $100 or more, the payment must be made by check and subjects have to fill out a substitute W9 form (a short streamlined version of the W9 form created by the controller’s office).
  • If the payment is less than $100 and the investigators would still like to use checks, they still have to have their subjects fill out the substitute W9 forms. Due to administrative burden, associated cost, and processing time this is not recommended.


Helpful Links

  • Data Protection: Human Subject Research often includes the collection of private identifiable information. Researchers should be aware of steps to take to protect this information. Two good resources are the Harvard University Research Data Protection page or Appalachian's Identity Theft Prevention page.
  • Normal Educational Practice: One category of exempt research is studies that involve normal educational practice. Appalachian is developing a set of definitions and tips on "normal education practices." In the meantime, a good reference to learn more about this type of research can be found on the University of Connecticut's IRB perspective.