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CITI Training Instructions

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1. Who has to take the training?

Any member of the research team who:

  • Obtains informed consent,
  • Interacts with subjects, or
  • Has access to private, identifiable information

must complete the required training.

2. I'm not from/new to Appalachian. Do I have to retake the CITI course?

No. If you are new to Appalachian State and have completed CITI training at another institution, you can affiliate your CITI profile with Appalachian, which enables us to see your training. If you have never taken a CITI course, you must complete the required training.

Download instructions for affiliating with Appalachian (PDF).

3. What is the required training?

The REQUIRED course for Appalachian's IRB training is either:

  • Social/Behavioral Research Course, Refresher
  • or
  • Biomedical Research Course, Refresher

(You can take the Basic version of Social/Behavioral or Biomedical Research to fulfill the requirement, but the course is 2-3x longer.)

The Refresher training takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

A refresher module will be required every 3 years from date of initial CITI training.

To be clear: The Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course will NOT meet the requirement. The Good Clinical Practices course will NOT meet the requirement. You will be asked by the IRB to go back and take one of the required courses. If you have trouble re-enrolling in the refresher course, please email for additional assistance.

4. Okay, how do I get this done?

Follow these  instructions for registration and enrollment in CITI.

The CITI program allows users to view the training in multiple sessions.

The site will notify IRB Administration of your successful completion of the training, and you will be able to print a certificate for your own records.