Low Risk Countries

Please follow the guidelines below when you are travelling to "Low Risk" countries (any country not listed here)


If you are taking your laptop computer, before you go you should:

  • Verify that your computer software is current through IT support services.
  • Make sure your computer is fully backed up and encrypted (via IT support services).
  • Remove any other documents containing Moderate or High Risk data.

Mobile phones

Consider using a loaner phone borrowed in the country, an unlocked phone with a local SIM card, or a phone you buy or rent at the airport or hotel when you arrive. However, if you do take your own phone, follow the following guidelines:

  • Back it up before you leave
  • Secure it (Check with IT)
  • Enroll it in an international rate plan to avoid incurring exorbitant roaming charges
  • Save your data, reset to factory defaults, and restore your backup when you return.