Travelling with DUO

The Duo Mobile app and hardware tokens are encryption items that are subject to export control regulations. 

  • Travel to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and the Crimea region of Ukraine
    • you MUST uninstall DUO from any device that has DUO installed
    • DO NOT take your DUO hardware token with you.
  • Traveling With DUO to non-sanctioned countries
    Options to use DUO:
    • DUO mobile app: Most of the time, you can safely use the DUO mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. Even if you don’t have cell phone service or a Wi-Fi connection, the app can still generate a passcode. If possible, enroll a secondary device in case your primary device is unavailable. (NOTE: try to avoid taking your device(s) to a high risk country).
    • Hardware Token: If you are travelling without a smartphone or tablet, take your hardware token with you (unless you are travelling to a sanctioned country)
    • Generate passcodes: before travelling, generate 10 passcodes using your DUO mobile app so you have a backup option to log into your device. Make sure to keep these codes on your person and never leave them unattended with your device
    • Remember IT Support services. If you need to, you can call IT support services  for a temporary, extended-use bypass passcode. (828-262-6266)