Intellectual Property Forms

Disclosure forms are reviewed by the Intellectual Property Development Advisory Council. Send completed forms to Any questions can be directed to Monica Molina (

FormPurposeVersion Date
Copyright Form (docx 61.46 KB)

This form is to disclose created materials where copyright ownership should be determined. Please refer to the intellectual property transfer policy for guidance on what requires review. 

Invention and Discovery Disclosure Form (pdf 160.89 KB)

This form is for faculty, staff or students who request IP Council review of an invention or discovery for purposes of determining or confirming IP ownership. Please refer to the Intellectual Property Transfer policy for guidance on what requires review.


Material Transfer Agreement (docx 33.54 KB)

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is an agreement that outlines the terms of use for materials transmitted between two parties. MTAs should always be considered when conducting any outside collaborations with industry or other academic institutions. MTAs are typically used to protect materials that may be proprietary and/or embody a trade secret.


Student Request for Release of Intellectual Property Rights (pdf 107.61 KB)

This form is for students who, under self-directed work, wish to retain the IP rights to their invention or discovery. This form does not apply if the invention or discovery came as the result of directed work by an Appalachian faculty or instructor, or as part of a funded or collaborative project where the IP rights were previously defined via contractual agreement.

University Educational Course Materials Development Agreement (doc 38.5 KB)

This document is owned by Academic Affairs in accordance with their policies and resources.