IACUC Meetings & Membership

The IACUC is comprised of faculty, staff, veterinarians and community members.

Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis, when a protocol is received that requires Full Committee Review (FCR).

Upcoming deadlines

  • Deadline for review in January - 01/01/20
  • Deadline for review in February - 02/01/20
  • Deadline for review in March - 03/01/20
  • Deadline for review in April - 04/01/20
  • Deadline for review in May - 05/01/20

Criteria for Full Committee Review

Appalachian State has approved the following situations as requiring automatic Full Committee Review (FCR):

1. One or more species listed in the application are covered by the USDA, per the definition of “animal” in the Animal Welfare Act.

2. The PI has listed the USDA Pain Class as category E.

3. Multiple survival surgeries performed on same animal.

4. The procedures in the application are not listed as category E, but indicate a greater risk of pain, distress or unrelieved comfort to the animals than the listed Pain Class indicates.

Other situations may require FCR as determined by the IACUC on a case-by-case basis. 

If you have questions, please contact us at iacuc@appstate.edu.