COI Forms

All disclosures should be made using the Activities, Interests, & Relationships (AIR) online system.

Use the link above to log into AIR, then choose:

  • "Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay - EPAP" for EPAPs
  • "Annual or an Updated Annual COI Disclosure Form" for Annuals
  • "Click here to update a Project Specific Disclosure Form" for Project specifics.

COI Forms




Simple Management PlanUse the template for conflicts where the financial value is less than $5,000V.1.1 - June 2019
Relational Conflict PlanUse this template when immediate family members are on a project togetherV.1 - June 2019
Complex Management PlanUse this template when the financial vlaue of the conflict is more than $5,000, if it is PHS funded, or if there is a institutional conflictV.2 - June 2019
SHRA Secondary Employment FormFor SHRA involved in a second job the Secondary Employment form is used by HRDecember 2015
Financial COI NotificationThis form should be used to notify any project members of a financial conflict. The supervisor keeps all signed lettersV.1 - June 2019 
Relational COI NotificationThis form should be used  to notify all parties on a research team of the relationship that generates a potential conflictV.1 - June 2019